My ultimate favorite book site is Goodreads. On the site you can create book lists, update what you are reading, rate books, find friends and authors, get recommendations, sign up for free book giveaways, and much more. This is site is very addicting and a lot of fun. I have been on the site for a year now and am wondering how I survived without it. I find it extremely useful for finding quality reviews. I highly recommend checking it out.



Another of my favorite sites is PaperBackSwap. This site is dedicated to swapping books. You can read more about the logistics of how it works on the site. Basically you post books you want to swap, when a reader requests one you send it out to them for a credit and then use the credit to request any book you want. I have found it is a great way to get books off my shelf that I am done with and get some that I have really been wanting. There is also a great community on this site that is similar to Goodreads where you can rate books, find friends, get recommendations, make book lists, and more. I highly recommend checking this site out as well.


library thing

LibraryThing is a site that is similar to Goodreads. Personally, I like Goodreads more and haven’t used my LibraryThing account very much. I did want to put it on my site as an option for readers though. Every one is different and this site might appeal to some readers more. You can make lists, sign up for giveaways, find friends, and more.



NetGalley is a site where you can sign up to receive ebooks for free from publishers and authors in exchange for an honest review. What I love most about this site is that you can request books before they hit the open market. So if you have a book that you are dying to get your hands on check out the site and see if its available. There is also an area where NetGalley users and can read a ton of ebooks for free without having to request a copy.



audiobook blast

AudiobookBoom is a site where you can request audiobooks to listen to free in exchange for an honest review. I find it useful that when you sign up you receive a weekly email that has a list of new audiobooks available in the categories that you specify. I am new to site and haven’t taken advantage of the program yet but I am looking forward to trying it out.



Amazon is one of my favorite sites for ordering books. They have a very large selection and competitive prices. I have become addicted to their Kindle selections and love that you can easily have your purchases sent to your phone or Kindle or purchase directly through your Kindle app. They also offer Kindle Unlimited which gives you access to over a million titles for a monthly fee.



Half is another great site for ordering books. I always check both Half and Amazon before ordering to compare prices. There prices and selection are very competitive and I order from them frequently.